Architecture & Design

Full Service

From initial meeting to handing construction documents over to your contractor, this is the most common service for new construction and renovations. Our studio works with the homeowners to design a custom space unique to your family’s needs and wishes while still preserving a classic aesthetic that will make the generations under your roof feel at home. Every detail and selection is meticulously drawn, documented and specified with nothing left to chance after construction begins. The Full Service package is our most popular because it allows us the time to hand select fixtures, appliances, materials and finishes and really dive into the details of what makes a home feel special.

Basic Service

Our basic service is for those on a faster schedule or working with a more conservative budget. With that in mind, we work very hard to ensure that the design fits within any limitations so you can enjoy the finished product without resenting the costs. While basic in its deliverables, we still finesse the design to ensure your home will suit your needs as well as provide an attractive backdrop for your daily life. The basic service provides for space planning and styling of the home’s exterior but is limited on specifying finishes, fixtures and materials. To cut down on our fees, most of the selections will be made by the homeowner and/or contractor without our assistance.

Interior Design

Our award winning interior design studio can help turn your new or existing home into a showpiece that reflects your life, style and personality. You may not have the time or energy to make your vision into a reality, or you may not know where to begin. Our team keeps track of the latest designs and has established relationships with dealers and manufacturers that offer the best products and values. Our interior design service is a great addition to an architecture project or as a standalone option. From concept to completion, we work hard to ensure you look forward to coming home at the end of the day.


Schematic Design
3-4 Weeks

The first phase of your project and the period when we really start to understand your needs, style and wishes. During this time we will draft the basic floor plans, elevations and develop the overall style of the finished product. This phase includes up to three presentation meetings and will finish with the homeowner agreeing to a finalized concept plan.

Provided Services
Review of Plat Plan
Building Measurements (Renovations)
Program Evaluation
Up to 3 Schematic Design Concepts
Statement of Probable Cost
Bank Package Delivered (New Builds)

Billable Services
Multi-Phase Planning
Estate & Multi-Structure Planning
Feasibility Study
Site Analysis
Environmental Study
Interior Design Concepts
Landscape Concepts
Smart Home Concepts

 Design Development
6-8 Weeks

The second and most fun phase for you and the studio. This is where our team really gets to explore details and develop ideas for the finished spaces. We examine your concerns and wishlist and find elegant solutions that make the best possible use out of your future space. Our team researches endless catalogs of materials and selections and presents our findings for your approval.

Provided Services
Design Coordination
Up to 3 Development Drawing Sets
Basic Interior Elevations
Revised Statement of Probable Cost
Manufacturer Consultation*
Material, Finish, and Fixture Research & Selection*
Selection Shopping w/ Clients*

Billable Services
3D Renderings
3D Walk-Through Videos
Estate & Master Plan Development
Interior Design Development
Landscape Development
Smart Home Development

*Full Service Only

Construction Documents
5-6 Weeks +

The third and most studious phase for the design team. The homeowners have finalized all the design choices and together we have picked out the materials, fixtures and selections. Now it’s time to draw and document those decisions so all parties involved in the construction understand without question the completed product. We will begin working with your contractor to pull permits and make sure all the documents are stamped, sealed and delivered.

Provided Services
Project Coordination
Detailed Elevations
Construction Drawings
Contract Specifications*
Finish Schedules*
Revised Statement of Probable Cost
Document Review and Coordination with Builder or Contractor

Billable Service
Structural Engineer~
Landscape Contracting
Permit Submission
Smart Home Contracting
Interior Design Coordination

*Full Service Only
+Time May Vary Depending on Jurisdiction
~Engineer May be Included in Studio Fee Depending on Jurisdiction